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Plan Design Support Services

Peachtree Wealth Strategies provides plan sponsors with an efficient approach to evaluate, select, monitor and, if necessary, replace your investment offerings. Utilizing industry analytical tools, we will perform a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis to help you manage exposure to fiduciary liability while seeking to enhance investment opportunities for your employees. A few outputs of this analysis will include: a quarterly investment monitor report, investment rankings, and assistance with creating an investment policy statement.

A thorough retirement plan begins with a plan design that corresponds to each employer's current and future requirements as well as employee demographics. Peachtree Wealth Strategies offers an organized, systematic and periodic plan review process. Each relevant design feature is examined with ideas to seek to maximize plan value. A few design features that Peachtree Wealth Strategies will review include: employee eligibility, entry dates, deferrals, employee matches, provisions for loans and withdrawals, vesting schedules, and trustee issues.